I like to draw humans, their quirks and emotions, their pride and their shortcomings. I like to draw animals, their dignity and their fur. I like to understand by drawing. I like to talk by drawing.

I‘m working with the figure and it’s fragments, splinters of architecture, bursts of odd landscapes. Sometimes in black and white and the deep depths of grey, sometimes in bright colors.
I love to play with inks and paints, textures, cutouts, prints, sharp and blunt objects, digital constructions and deconstructions. In the end mixing it, layering and recomposing it in the digital meat grinder.

I like when things start taking shapes of their own, I like flaws,  I like perfections, I like dirt and razor-sharp lines, cold white spaces and the warm consistency of textured surfaces.

I live and work in Hamburg and Berlin.
Born in Kiel near the Baltic sea.
Droped art studies to learn at the craft of comic book making at the Alligator Farm in Hamburg.
Since then working as freelancing comic book artist and illustrator.

The book Kriegszeiten was nominated for the German Children‘s Literature Award.


Alligator Farm
bild der wissenschaft
Bundeskunsthalle Bonn
Eins A Medien
Financial Tims Deutschland
Focus Magazin

Four Minutes Filmproduktion
Funke Medien
HBK Saar
Netzwerk Recherche
Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
Ziegler Film GmbH

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